Thursday, November 3, 2011

Head Love and Heart Love

There are lots of different kinds of love. I figured that out.

Easy love and hard love.

Fast love and slow love.

New love and old love.

Cheap love and precious love.

Heart love and head love.

And sometimes, very, very rarely those two loves are deeply and mysteriously intertwined to create the very best kind of love- head-heart love.

That kind of love is the deepest and the rarest, and so hard to find these days.

I found that love.

I know, you want to know how I did it!!! The truth is that I did nothing on my own to recognize head-heart love in my life. My eyes were opened for me. It has been one of the most painful experiences of my life, but I have come to see the light at last.

My life has been filled with every kind of heart love. I have followed my heart to the end of itself. When I reached that end, I realized that all there was left was selfish desire.

God has slowly taken away everything from me. Piece by piece, my life has been taken apart before the throne of God. He has opened my eyes to see what I could not see otherwise.

I was surrounded by head-heart love all the time. My parents, my siblings.... they don't love me because I'm lovable. They don't love me because I give them so much in return. They don't love me for any other reason than out of obedience to God alone.

Love... it is so complex with so many different meanings. But, the most noble of all loves is head-heart love. We love a person not because our hearts told us to, but because we believe with our heads what Jesus has taught us. That belief changes out hearts so that they are able to love what we believe. And exercising such a love with our hearts causes our believe to grow even deeper.

Head-heart love is all around us. But, I thought is was rare!! It is only rare because we are unable to see it clearly through our own eyes. God can open your eyes, if He has opened mine. Let him show you, and  you will see the wonders I have seen.

All you must do is.... ask.

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