Why I am a Christian

I was driving home one night from fencing of all things and I just had this question of myself. It was completely out of the blue, but I wanted to know,

Why am I a Christian?

I'm not a Christian because my parents are Christians (although they happen to be).

I'm not a Christian because I go to church (although I happen to).

I'm not a Christian because I want to go to heaven.

I'm not a Christian because I'm afraid of burning in hell.

I'm a Christian because I want to be.

I want to be a Christian... that's all. Why do I want to be a Christian? I want to be a Christian because no where do I find such complete soul quenching satisfaction than in the arms of Christ my Savior.

My life has been devastating, heart-breaking, confusing, lonely, painful, frustrating, fast, slow, happy, sad, high, low, and every extreme there is. My faith has carried me through every moment of that. I have had every opportunity to abandon my Christian faith, but never one legitimate reason to. It is the sweetest thing that I posses.

When I am sad, lonely, confused, or angry, where do I go? When everyone else has rejected me, when I stand alone in this world, when it seems that I am the only one of my kind I go to the only place I know I will find comfort- Jesus Christ.

This is my deepest longing and desire for any Christian- that they want to be Christians. There is nothing more miserable than a Christian sitting in church singing songs they don't care about, reading words they don't understand, and taking sacraments which have strong implications for those without true faith, when really they want to be home watching the game or playing golf with their buddies.

I wish that no one who didn't care about Christianity would waste so much time on it- I mean, the religious part of it. But, if you are a Christian I hope that you want to be one. I hope that you are casting yourself upon a lifestyle that is what you really want. I hope you realize there is nothing magic about it. I hope you realize that you are signing up for:

much trials, little ease.
much treasure, little wealth.
much loving, little liking.
much separation, little equality.
much reality, little fantasy.
much Christ, little world.
much discipline, little escaping it.