Thursday, October 6, 2011

Sing To Me

The lovely Andre reminded me of this poem I should share with you all! I had totally forgotten about it....

Sing to me. Once again
I love to hear your voice
Rise gently through
The ceiling rafts
The richest evening noise.

I’ll love you for a moment
The next I’ll turn aside
To fancy this
Or wish on that
And leave my faithful guide.

But you won’t ever change
Your heart I’ve memorized
You wedded me
Befriended me
Unwanted and despised

Now I have come to trust you
I’ve given you my heart
Yet something dark
A secret thought
Is driving us apart.

If you are always faithful
And I am always wanting
Then how can we
So distant seem
Like two paths never crossing?

When I accepted you
I took your humble vow
But greater is
This struggle, for
I must accept me now.

With all of my shortcomings
And failure at perfection
I’ve loathed myself,
Unworthy of
Your unreserved attention.

I love the things that you love
And you have loved me true
So now must I
Kiss pride goodbye
And learn to love me too.

Sing to me, once again
Teach me to love myself
Make me look
Inside my soul
And value all its wealth.

The night grows deep around us
Your voice still rich and deep
You catch my head
Before it falls
And tuck me in to sleep.

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