Saturday, October 1, 2011

No. 1

My quick report
Your gentle rebuke
Three wise men

You may have noticed this haiku in the comments section. I hope it puzzled and perplexed you. It's a riddle.

The question is, who's the third man? It begins with only two people. Myself and the one who comments on my blog post. Your comments test my work, checking for holes and weak spots. Through this process of commenting and refining my writing, I come up with an argument or statement that is founded on truth and tested for accuracy.

I think that a pretty good definition of wisdom. Founded on truth and tested for accuracy. So, where's the third wise man? The third wise man is whoever comes along later and reads that piece of wisdom, adopting it for himself.

Three wise men- the one who writes, the one of critiques, and the one who reads it later on.

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My quick report
Your tender rebuke
Three wise-men