Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Well Said Blog

This post is, I suppose, kind of embarrassing, but necessary. I have slapped up posts on this site that I regret dreadfully. I wanting nothing more than to rip something down, sometimes, as soon as it goes up. But, for the most part, I haven't. I want to be honest with myself. I would rather go back and critique something than just rip it off. I force myself to read everything I've written many times. I am my own best critic at this moment.

This past week I have been convicted, with respect to my blogging, to rethink my approach and methods to blogging. You see, I have a lot of good things (and bad) to say. I have so much to tell you. But, I can't tell you everything all at once or nothing would make sense. I need to organize my thoughts. I need to say one thing at a time and say it well!

I want this to be a well said blog.

It's not enough to have knowledge or conviction if you can't say it in a way people can understand.

I like Jena's blog for these same reasons. I don't necessarily agree with everything she has to say (in fact, I disagree with a lot of things she has to say) but, my friends, what she says she says well! I read her blog because I enjoy immensely just reading her well said posts. And, you know what? I really enjoy engaging with people who think differently from me. The joy of life, for me, is hearing someone else's argument and meeting it with my own point of view.

It doesn't bother me that I disagree with someone on huge issues. Rather, it is a joyful thing to me to enter into discussions with them. There is nothing, to me, more satisfying that a genteel argument on some worthy topic! But even more than that, I enjoy arguing with someone who is informed, who speaks well, who articulates themselves and does all that with purpose and motivations.

I want to be that sort of person on this blog.

I also enjoy Andrea's blog as well because, even though she often bemoans the fact that "it takes so long for her to write anything" that's just what makes it so good! She spends a great deal of time thinking through what she's going to say so when she finally posts it she doesn't usually feel like ripping it down.

I've decided to write only one thought provoking topic a week and force myself to slow down and think through what I am saying. My topics will be broad and far-fetching, I'm afraid, until I hit on something... something that really tickles my braid. Some barrel of wisdom that has no bottom. Something that I will never reach the bottom of. Some train of thought I will follow until my spirit leaves my body behind.

In between, when I have that urge to post, I will employ much poetry and music:)

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