Monday, December 5, 2011

Goodmorning Gorilla

I must have been as hungry as a gorilla this morning. I started cooking and got carried away.

Gorilla Tacos:

Get out the eggs and the fry pan. Turn on the heat and let the pan warm SLOWLY while you whip the eggs and start singing along to to radio. After you scramble the eggs with margarine, dig around in the fridge and find the left over Sunday dinner... pork and 'taters! Yummmmm! 

Skip to the micro and throw in the Tupperware with the pork, taters, and carrots. Warm three minutes. Get the corn tortillas out and arrange six in a shallow bowl. Switch for the Tupperware in the micro. Heat the tortillas for 1 minute. 

Skip back to the stove top and turn off the heat before your eggs burn. Throw the pork, taters, and carrots in the keep warm. Cover with lid. 

Bouncing to the beat of "Let's Get Together" (Parent Trap, 1961) move on back to the microwave for your tortillas. Rearrange them in the shallow bowl, three sets of two in a row so that they will be strong enough to hold your gorilla sized tacos.

Stuff those tacos with eggs, pork, taters, carrots, and drench it in plenty of Red Hot.


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