Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I Spy

That last post was sooooo bland. Yuck. I can be so boring sometimes I surprise myself. I don't know if it's possible to write a worse post than that.

Aside from that, though, I just wanted to say- yesterday was Pookie's 2nd birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY POOKIE! (It was also my dear Queeny's birthday- happy birthday sister!) I know it's little late. I wish all the best for both of you.

Pookie and I had our own special little ceremony today. David left for school in the morning and we had the whole house to ourselves. It was delicious. We finished up breakfast slowly and afterward I brought out two, stiff presents. Pookie was delighted. This was everything that brilliant two year old has ever or will ever want in life. A quite morning with one or two pleasant surprises.

I watched him painfully tear through the wrapping paper to reveal none other then- I Spy, Spectacular! The joy that filled his eyes as he opened his very first I Spy book and caught his very first glimpse into wonderful world of Walter Wick gave me so many mixed feelings.

That was me, sixteen years ago. I adored I Spy. I lived inside that world. I traced every line of every book until I had memorized it all. When I went to sleep at night, I became a little person and traveled through the horror, mystery, wonder, and excitement of it all. I just couldn't get enough of I Spy.

I sort of forgot my old fascination with it until I woke up this past Monday and realized- "It's Pookie's birthday!" I instantly knew that I was going to get him books. This kid can practically read. He reads all his favorite books TO ME! I just can't keep up with him. So, I'm wandering around B&N and there, sitting on the shelf are dozens of I Spy thrillers.

Suddenly, I wasn't 18 anymore. Suddenly, I was two again, thumbing through those beloved classics. I went, unconsciously  straight to my favorite spots. The warf in Treasure Hunt. The sand castle in Fantasy. The shop window in A book of Picture Riddles.

Something struck deep in my heart. Something I've never been able to define. When we are very small children, we have nothing to lose. Then, we grow up and the world revolves around our petty wishes. It's only when we're old enough and once again have nothing to lose that we can go back to our old loves once again.

I miss my childhood- my deep childhood- more than I can say. Way deep down inside were no one can see, I still love the things I used to love. I have guarded that love and cherished it, even though it is so rarely expressed in my life.

I long more than I can express for the day when I can enjoy once again the secret world of I Spy.

(P.S. That other present wasn't half as exciting... just a plain, old Richard Scarry ABCs)

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